Complete Aerofill PC18 Aerosol Line with Gashouse

Product Features:

  • Multi-faceted machine equipped with control panel and fill-setting station
  • Three product fillers, each with a 250ml fill capacity
  • Single station mechanical valve and sensor system
  • Single station crimper completes the cycle
  • Automatic fill adjustment
  • Positive placement of valves
  • Automatic fill adjustment system
  • Text display
  • Micro electronic control
  • Dimensions: 5.6'long, 4.6' wide, 8'high
  • Aerofill gashouse includes three gasser heads, Fenwal suppression system, strong steel structure and two independent ventilation systems
  • Includes gripper type waterbath capable of handling tinplate and aluminum containers
  • Mettler Toledo checkweigher

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1186 Aerofill Aerosol Line with gashouse, infeed, valve elevator, valve sorter, waterbath and checkweigher